Roses have always been charged with mystical symbolism, linked to everything that’s sacred. Centuries ago, placing one on the table indicated that the issues to be discussed should be kept secret.
Black roses, specially, belong to a world of dream and legend. Frequently referred to in literature, they have been sought throughout history by alchemists and mysterious pilgrims alike. Today, the black rose has become a symbol for the rebellious, non-conformist and free spirit of women and men who oppose the status quo.


Rosa Negra

Rosa Negra is a super premium spirit made with Tannat grappa and natural honey. This smooth liquor is born in a beautiful and peaceful winery environment so we call the elixir “Winery Spirit”.
The grappa is double distilled in an antique wood fueled pot still. This rare spirit is blended with a multi flower rich honey from Uruguay’s best meadows. This incredible liqueur is the national spirit of Uruguay.

Rosa Negra Café

Rosa Negra Cafe is a super premium coffee liqueur spirited with Tannat grappa and sweetened with multi flower natural honey. The origins of those specialty coffee beans are Ethiopia and Brazil, these beans are freshly medium toasted just before the infusion, and are part of a “fair trade” philosophy that preserves the productor and ensures sustainability.


Rosa Negra


Outstanding spirits that show refinement, finesse, and complexity; these winners are among the best examples of their categories.


Silver Medal at San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2021

Rosa Negra Café

Double Gold

Awarded to the entries that receive a Gold medal rating by all members of the judging panel; these are among the finest products in the world.


Double Gold Medal at San Francisco Spirits Competition 2021

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Perfect Serve


Garra Charrúa

Cocktail by Neighborhoods

7 Bartenders, 7 Neighborhoods, 7 Cocktails

Sebastián Cella “Ciudad Vieja”

Ruben Marmo “Barrio Sur”

Natasha González “Cerro”

Andrés Jorges “Prado”

Juan Lamela “Carrasco”

Viviana López “La Teja”

Santiago Urquhart “Cordón”

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